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Bottles, ampules, vials, pots, dispensers, folding boxes, pens or syringes: Packaging for pharmaceutical products comes in a variety of formats, is often irregular, and is used in a range of application-specific ways. It can be quite difficult to apply labels to their surfaces, as this must often take place in controlled, air-conditioned and sanitary environments, such as clean rooms. Avoiding errors and providing documentation are equally as important as the requirements for precision and speed. Almost nowhere are the requirements more stringent than in the pharmaceutical industry: Serialization, aggregation, tracking and tracing and tamper-evident sealing are all increasingly important here. A host of different technologies – for printing, identification, labelling and checking – must coordinate in a confined area and still provide maximum reliability under the particular production conditions of every pharmaceutical manufacturer. Often, there are also country-specific special features and specific labels to contend with as well. The latter must often fulfill functional tasks in addition to providing information, adding a further “complication” to the dispensing process. Whether you employ labels with tear-off flaps, labels with hangers (infusion bottles), booklet labels, tamper-evident labels or any other common label type: The modular design of HERMA systems make them particularly well suited to cover this wide spectrum of products and applications in the pharmaceutical industry. High-performance printing, camera and control systems ensure that HERMA labeling machines provide maximum reliability – up to and including controlled rejection of products or labels. They also allow tracing of medication packaging. Precise, swift and with very smooth running. The modular design of HERMA systems allows format parts such as star wheels to be replaced quickly and often without any tools being required. It also ensures increased global availability of spare parts.

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Further advantages of HERMA systems at a glance

  • Cost-effective modular design that can be expanded to include a range of printers, controllers and rejector components, including cross-checks, as required by the application
  • Compact design for easy integration into existing filling and packaging systems
  • Complies with specific guidelines, such as the pharmacopoeia for each country, the FDA and the European Medicines Agency, cGMP and GAMP, etc.
  • Meets stringent requirements for qualification and validation of processes and procedures

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