Labelling household products

Perfect label placement on any shape

Soap dispensers, dish soap, shoe polish, floor cleaner, hand lotion: Packages for household products come in a wide range of often irregular shapes. It can therefore be quite difficult to apply labels to their surfaces. How the labels look at points of sale is important for attracting customers, so the labels must sit flat on the products without any folds. In the two-sided labelling process frequently used, the product should be precisely centered at the moment the label is applied. Often three or even four labels are applied to a single product: In addition to the commercial label with the product’s name, there may be a label containing the ingredients, a booklet label for further instructions and a promotional label. You must therefore be able to integrate three or four applicators into the system so that multiple labels can be precisely applied to the product. Furthermore, a range of variable data is usually printed immediately before the dispensing process, i.e. in the labelling system itself. This is often in addition to various control and rejection units that have to be integrated.

The modular design of HERMA systems make them particularly well suited to cover this wide spectrum of products and applications. Most importantly, they can be set up quickly. Star wheels, guide bars, pressure rollers and other devices are available as prefabricated format parts that can be attached or removed with just a few flicks of the wrist. This is an important advantage for packaging contractors, who have to work with a wide range of constantly changing formats. The label must also be applied to the product under sanitary conditions and without any folds. To ensure this occurs, the system utilizes a unique form of centering to ensure precise positioning of the labels as the products pass by. The products are additionally fixed and centered during the labelling process, which was a first in the industry. This form of centering ensures maximum precision, even at high speeds. An attached module can also be used to apply promotional labels with a third and fourth dispenser.

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Further benefits of HERMA systems at a glance:

  • Cost-effective modular design that can be expanded to include a range of printers, controllers and rejector components as required by the application
  • Compact design for easy integration into existing filling and packaging systems
  • Meets the machine efficiency requirements prescribed by DIN 8743
  • Ensures compliance with applicable sanitary regulations

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