Bottle labelling

To label plastic or glass bottles, powerful and highly precise labelling systems are needed. Flat, oval, cylindrical – a wide range of formats must be labelled, whether in the pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries or in the production of cosmetics. In the beverage industry especially, applying labels is no easy task: Despite having traveled through a drying system, the bottles are often not just moist but practically wet.

For many high-volume consumer products or small-format products, high speeds and throughputs need to be achieved. This requires high-performance systems. Often it is also necessary to align the labels, for instance to visually match the position of a wrap-around label to the position of an additional lid label. Our labelling systems perfectly align glass and plastic bottles so that labels are accurately applied. If necessary, HERMA systems can utilize a special form of centering to ensure that two-sided labels are precisely positioned as the products pass by: The product is additionally fixed and centered during the labelling process itself.

HERMA labelling systems can be equipped with multiple applicators depending on the application requirements, for instance to apply labels on the front, the back and the neck. HERMA also offers special applicators for rotary systems. Their particularly narrow design means they can be easily integrated into nearly any existing system.

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The advantages of using HERMA systems to label glass and plastic bottles:

  • Modular design with standardized connections gives you maximum freedom in selecting serialization, printing and control systems
  • Short setup times because many format parts can be changed without tools
  • Easily and reliably integrated into complete packaging lines
  • Special labels such as booklet or braille labels can be used
  • Complies with GMP and FDA regulations, food production requirements, machinery directives and ISO 9001
  • Can be equipped with controllers from Siemens or Allen-Bradley

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