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HERMA 400 -

The world standard
in label applicators!



HERMA 362E -

Versatile front, back and
wrap-around labelling machine
with fast change over



HERMA 152C -

Precision wrap-
around labelling



HERMA UK – World Leading Labelling Machine Manufacturers


UK manufacturing division for HERMA labelling machines
HERMA is a world leading manufacturer of self-adhesive label application systems. HERMA UK, along with HERMA Germany, design and build high specification, high quality labelling equipment and have a range of standard and special purpose built machinery. Supplying to countries worldwide, including Blue Chip companies across a broad spectrum of markets and industries, including Food & Beverage, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics.

Find a HERMA labelling machine for your application

Wrap-around labelling

Find your HERMA labelling solution for bottles and other cylindrical products.


Top/bottom labelling

Label boxes, cans and many other products from below and above.


Side labelling

Both single and double sided labelling are no problem with HERMA labelling machines.


L-/Seal labelling

In this section we show labelling systems to seal packages and products.



HERMA YouTube Channel

Examples of products and applications,
a company’s portrait, or new labelling opportunities: Find videos on these
topics in our HERMA YouTube Channel.

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Series E – counts as two.

The labelling machine for two-side labelling combines the stability and efficiency of the larger M series machines with the space requirements of the smaller C series machines. More about Series E